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NEXT Air & Gas engineers produce the highest quality, dependable desiccant compressed air dryers, refrigerated compressed air dryers, gas dryers, and industrial chillers available on the market today. We support the industry with proven filters and purifiers, pumping stations, water savers, and specialized products for breathing air and medical air applications.

A Full Line Manufacturer of Compressed Air and Gas Drying Products, and Fluid Cooling Equipment.

Next Air & Gas is based on three key Pillars Of Performance:

  • Quality. Quality is the foremost goal in all our products. We specifically design our products to provide exceptional performance and stand the test of time—a must for every industry.
  • Service. Our goal is perfection, supporting every customer in any area that is needed.
  • Innovation And Design. We push ourselves to be the best with current industry expectations, and continuously improve to create better processes and products.

Next Air & Gas Compressed Air Dryers provide industrial-grade dry air and gas to a variety of industries, including automotive, robotics, pharmaceuticals, medical and dental surgical, chemicals, food & beverage, and electronics.

The NEXT Generation

of Industrial Dryers, Chillers, & Coolers.

Next Air & Gas was founded in Lenoir City Tn in 2022 a continuation of the Zarif’s Air & gas treatment legacy companies spanning over 45 years. 

For over 40 years, The Zarif Air & Gas Treatment legacy companies have set the foundation for design, engineering, and mass manufacturing in the air treatment industry. Focusing on a new generation of air & gas treatment products, Next Air & Gas is the next chapter of that legacy.

With a true passion for our brand, we settle for nothing less than the most innovative solutions available. We have over 10,000 dryers currently operating in the field across the globe, so you can rest assured you’re working with an experienced engineering team offering truly trusted designs.

Next Air & Gas delivers a complete range of compressed air purification solutions that improve air quality throughout your facility–from the compressor room and beyond.

With decades of expertise in our specialized field, Next Air & Gas manufactures a complete product portfolio of compressed air treatment, filtration, process cooling, condensate management, gas dehydration, and gas generation products. 

We specialize in desiccant regenerative and refrigeration drying, and with our innovative, energy-efficient operation, offering reliable performance that will help increase productivity and lower operating costs for the air volume that fits your specific needs.

Next Air & Gas is proud to offer a broad spectrum of solutions to reduce energy costs, improve productivity, guarantee production quality, and help preserve the environment.